Friday, July 27, 2012

Catch Up

So last week, we ran behind as one encounter took roughly 3 hours and we had to finish characters  when we sat down at the table. This week is going to basically push them through to level 2 by making them go through the toughest encounters yet to get everyone caught up.

For those of you playing at home that might want to know what we ran into last week that was so tough, here's the score card.
Encounter 1: Skill Challenge. Despite not being leveled for a full encounter, as each player was on their own, I gave full XP for a level 1 challenge. The skill rolls were simply to avoid damage on their freefall down the waterfall. No one found the way to reduce the acrobatics checks, so 4 rolls, with failures resulting in a loss of healing surge.
Encounter 2: 3 Dire Rats, Goblin Blackblade and 4 Goblin Cutters. There was a scouting camp nearby that had some treasure in it.
Encounter 3: 3 Dire Rats, 2 Goblin Warriors.

Pretty Simple. Took over 5 hours to get it done. Fourth edition is slow.

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