Thursday, July 19, 2012

God of Heroes

You find yourself at a doorway. Little recollection of what was going on before now, but you certainly don't remember walking up to a door. At least not this door.

Or maybe you do. Did you walk up to that door? You must have. After all, here you are.
You raise a hand to knock, but the knock comes without your help. Three pounds from the door and it swings open.
Step inside, it's warm and comforting. The next thing you know, you're sitting in a chair. A bearded man hands you a drink of ale and sits across from you.
"You have been chosen. Something about you makes you special."
Before you can open your mouth to ask "who are you?" or "what's going on?" He continues.
"I am nobody important, but I serve an important task. That is I have been tasked to save the very realm you live in. Your first quest is to step onto my balcony, and from there you must find and activate the beacon, allowing access to the next realm and from there we can begin to repair the damage and stop this evil."
Vague isn't he? You mean to ask more questions of him, but next thing you know, you're standing slack jawed on his balcony.

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