Monday, July 9, 2012

Star Trek Expeditions

To my benefit I was browsing Barnes & Nobles and came across this discounted board game so I picked it up for the group.  The setting is planet Nibia where the Enterprise has been invited to open discussions about their government joining the federation.  The game is broken into two parts, ship combat between the Enterprise and a Klingon Battle cruiser and planetary missions.  You also have 30 days until the Klingon fleet arrives (which is an automatic defeat).

The game is for 1 to 4 players with the choice between Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura.  Players can interact with the ship, beam down planet-side and complete missions.  Upon your turn you draw a Stardate card which will dictate how many actions you have and may accelerate the time and/or trigger events.  During your turn you can traverse the board, draw energize cards (which contain bonuses and crew members who grant bonuses for specific missions) or attempt your hand at a mission.

You have three primary stats; Command, Science and Operations.  These stats determine which style of mission your character is tailored for.  Your group's overall score is also broken down into three categories; Politics, Rebels and Ecology.  Your scores all start out at 0 and as you complete missions they will increase specific categories.  When you take on a mission challenge there will always be a good outcome and a not so good outcome.  As you guessed, the better outcome will advance your score more but will be more difficult to achieve.

Our first game went well considering how our group operates.  By the 23rd day we had annihilated the enemy Battle cruiser.  By the 25th day we had completed all of the planetary missions.  The Nibian government joined the federation.  The local Rebellion has retreated, averting a civil war and there was only minor damage to the ecosystem that would heal with time.  All in all, we did pretty good for the first play-through (considering we didn’t perish!).

Though this game wasn’t a memorable experience it still was fun and the price was right.

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