Friday, September 6, 2013

BattleTech Day 9

Field report day 9:
Sgt. Wilhelm Eich, 11th Lyran Guard, reporting.

A pair of scouts brought us a black box from an aerospace fighter. We sent the technician to repair it. He worked on it and found a command lockout. The doctor put in her codes and the device started smoking like crazy. The technician then threatened to kill the CO several times, then also threatened myself.

After that, the technician fixed his mistake and the information came up. The doctor dismissed the the rest of us and the technician walked off mumbling about killing everyone higher ranked than him. A soldier questioned me about it, but I found there wasn't much I could do at the moment. We needed the mechanic and his skills at the moment.
Moments later the doctor called us in to view the playback of the crash.
We discovered a joint task force of a Lyran ship aiding the clan. At this point the technician tells us the 4 point star he blew up was actually a lance. He didn't know until after they arrived in his trap that the lance was going to be in a clan drop ship. So he accidentally blew up the enemy.
We continued observing the playback.
I came up with the idea to piggy back this log into the transponder, behind it's encryption wall. The goal is to let the command know what's happening on planet.

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