Wednesday, September 11, 2013

BattleTech- Day 10

The day began with a mech assault. Two shadowcats and another 55 ton mech that I don't quite recognize.
The unknown mech called me out by name as he launched rockets and shot lasers around as a show. The rockets grazed me. He identified himself as Gerhard Kerensky. The battle was hard fought. Massive damage to armor was done, but not a lot of injuring. However as we progressed in the fight, Gerhard got more and more angry. He lost his head and pushed his mech to the limits and he was unable to prevent the mech from shutting down due to heat.
Everyone opened up on the mechs legs, while I started pot shots at a shadowcat with my MG arrays. In an attempt to disable the unknown mech, I rammed it and launched my missile racks into it. By luck he still stood standing. Pushing my mech to the limits with an alpha strike, I fighted to keep the mech online. Disengaging now will be a very bad situation. Pure skill allowed me to fight my mech to continue on.
The other guns on our mobile FoB and heavy weapons teams managed to pound the second Shadowcat, breaching it's engine and endangering everyone with the engine going critical.
The mysterious mech used massive jump jets to boost away, the power suits took a pot shot at him and bits of his leg started falling off. The shadowcat shot me in the back while running passed me. My MG arrays opened up into his back while I pointed my LRM5 and ER Large Laser at the fleeing mystery mech. An AC10 into the shadowcat's back gave them a parting gift as I ran away from the critical mech.
Missing an arm, armor all over the place and a headache. The blast from the downed Shadowcat damages a gyro and my mech crashes into the dirt. Over heated and tired, I radio to the FoB in desperation for an emergency beer, ice cold.
After that I was oddly at ease. I made a personal friend out on that field. The type that will hopefully keep some of the enemy troops off my back until he can get another shot at me. That's the plan at least. The mech is out for repairs for a few days, so I'm on administrative in the mean time. Those days are spent a bit down, tired and desperate for my mech to be fixed.
The Technician insists on my testing out the Shadowcat we captured. He also demands ownership of the tools and tells the Power Suit operator he can't use them. He pulls rank and uses them anyways. Despite having known him for a while, he's becoming a bit of a loose cannon and we'll have to keep an eye on him. Busting him down to PFC for insubordination might not be enough when this is over.

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