Monday, September 23, 2013

Journal Entry 1 - Surprised Attack

Everything was going according to plan.  Our ship successfully completed it's jump close in proximity to Sigma 17, just behind the moon.  Being Lyran Guard my crew and I were anxious to assault the world under clan control.  As we were about to be briefed the ship approached a geostationary orbit over our target in preparation for 'Operation Hammer Fall'.

Unbeknownst to us the enemy was already alerted to our arrival as if they hand known weeks in advance.  Before we could react the enemy brought their weapons to bear with merciless  ferocity befitting the Smoke Jaguar Clan!  We took several critical his before I could make it to the hanger.  The hanger was a total wreck as everything was in shambles, my co-pilot and I struggled to find our fighter.  Emergency preparations were made but we managed to take off without too much trouble.  Immediately upon embarking it was nothing but a chaotic haze as our warship was in combat with two others and taking heavy fire from the planet!

We had all we could do to provide a screen against an insurmountable amount of enemy fighters, we took losses left and right.  Through the haze we watched most of our dropships make planet-fall and I felt rage as a few of them were picked off.  I wonder how many of them actually made it?

-Sebastian Steiner

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