Monday, September 30, 2013

Journal Entry 3 - A Rocky Road

The asteroid field offers little in the ways of a safe haven as the hazards of collision constantly plague us.  Though we took many losses in the initial attack we still maintain a strong strike force.  The survivors are shaken but immediately go to work on the emergency repairs as we try to evade enemy patrols.  Overall moral is at an all time low and it doesn't help that we're forced to work in double, sometimes triple shifts.  I cannot remember the last time I was able to sleep and I wonder if any of our forces made it to the surface?

The other day I lost two fighters to an enemy patrol and another to a collision as they were trying to dock, we need to get out of here!  Though I have no room to complain as we seem to lose good technicians left and right.  Despite the risk being nothing short of perilous they brave EVA to repair the hull and other critical systems.

Our Command Crew works tirelessly trying to formulate a plan to counter attack the enemy and give our ground forces a fighting chance.  Despite not actually knowing whether or not anyone survived they maintain faith and have nothing but praise for the group who risked their own lives to save them during the initial attack.

-Sebastian Steiner

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