Monday, September 9, 2013

BattleTech- Military History

Having shown promise in his days at the military academy, Wilhelms transition into the military went well. Despite his inexperience he quickly made a bit of a name for himself in his training unit and was bumped into the 4th Lyran Regulars for the remainder of his training period. The obvious intention was that the 4th wanted him as a frontline soldier, well suited for his sometimes cocky attitude.

This was during their period of rebuilding, so generally the duty was light. Tensions however, were high, as the clan had wiped out over thirty percent of the ‘Mechs in the 4th. This sentiment began to take hold. Training consisted of mostly patrols along the border of the Clan Occupied Zone. But Wilhelm wasn’t suited to sitting around running patrols all day. Unfortunately this caused him to get into a bit of trouble and eventually it got the best of him. 
Suddenly Wilhelm found himself being pushed around by top brass looking for a place for him. Despite being green, he was too good to just drop off the table. He was put in a few units as temporary placements where he saw action against the clan, and their brutal tactics. Finally they found a place for him. A large operation was being planned by the 11th Lyran Guard. With his experience against the clan and his natural talent for piloting he would make for a good recruit for the elite unit. 
Placed once again in a training unit, as he lacked the training, experience and rank to be a full member of the Lyran guard, he finished out his first tour of duty. As Operation Bulldog was being planned against clan Smoke Jaguar, the greener members of the 11th were being loaned out to help over Lyran forces “soften them up” as part of Task Force Serpent. Separated from his actual unit, but barely being considered a part of it yet, he brought his technician and a few others he met along the way to help win a war. 

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