Friday, September 13, 2013

BattleTech- Base Assault

Continuing our adventures and onto what we think is an enemy emplacement or mobile base of some sort. Before we could get that far, there were even more adventures to be had.

Sgt. Wilhelm Eich reporting.
We continue to have problems with our staff. The technician again (though I feel he's mostly talk), but now dealing with the spec ops and more insubordination from him now as well. The crew is becoming lax and taking advantage of the dire situation we're in. Outside of this unique situation I would be forced to immediately put them into court martial proceedings. My hands are tied at the moment. This is a sorry crew and if they couldn't get the job done, I would solve this.
Distractions with a native life form have set us behind. Security calls to the med bay, more threats to officers, mistreatment of subordinates, etc. 
At night, the sky lights up as the guns start blasting into space. We know this attack needs to happen now. We load up and run. The APCs are assigned platoons and power suits ride on top. A platoon stays with the FOB and the Doctor.
Within an hour from the fight, suddenly it stops. I comm to one of my friends, letting them know not to shoot me when I arrive. No surprises with someone that might shoot before seeing that I'm a friendly.
Our foot troops, including the Power Suits moved in to capture everything. Everything on the outside is dead or destroyed. I'm at this point merely assuming that my friend was here before us.
After what seems like forever, the loose cannon sends me a video feed. Some random corridor followed by what looks like they are in an armory. The camera focuses on the guns, then to a pile of debris. A rat leaps onto the Warrant Officer. Some random shooting goes off. Then more corridors.
Suddenly I read incoming Stars on the sensors. We flee. More stars incoming. More fleeing. The technician takes a few pot shots at my mech with his pistol. I'm not quite certain why.
We hit a bridge, order is taken to cross the bridge. Thors come out from the trees and get me one in the back We continue escaping the enemy battle force. Picking up a tank, we run into a star of Thors. I hit one bad, sending his engine critical. Everyone scatters and shots fly out into the fleeing Thors. After the explosion, the enemy was destroyed, but there was one target nearby. I approached. and found a surviving Thor.
He challenged me to a duel. Rough, but given the situation, I accepted. Assuming my team would back me up I blasted into him.
A friendly clanner voice chimed in. Gerhard Kerensky was watching. We traded some comments, then I continued to blast the clanner in front of me. After the heated exchange, he ejected and his mech exploded as his engine went critical. They congratulated me and let us leave.

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