Saturday, September 28, 2013

In the Dead of the Night

As we traveled through the night, an attack rang out from the path behind us. Missiles pounded into the read of the mobile forward operating base.

I took point and led the convoy through the woods at full speed. As we ran units charged into battle at our sides. Fortunately the power armor sergeant was out of his suit and on the guns. He blasted much of the oncoming attackers, and I only had to turn around a few times to save them. Not enough times to save everything. Our FOB was battered by the time we found some allies. We found a place to hide for a bit and make a stand while their Lance mounted a counter charge while we prepared.
With a mere half hour to get ready we began moving the troops. Suddenly we got in a priority comm, the commander of the 'mechs was down and the enemy was coming at us. Time was up and this fight was going to be bloody.
Missiles blasted in, missing our ranks, as infantry came moving forward. The sniper teams, waiting in ambush started tearing into the enemy ranks. Support fire from our second line began barraging the first wave and finished them off.
Another blast of artillery hit our second line. Minor damage to our platoons. Our snipers were spotted and began taking damage. The snipers returned fire and our second line joined in, destroying the second enemy wave. The third wave, squeezed passed and were mowed down by our riflemen. Unfortunately the artillery hit one of our platoons and did a good amount of damage. They were still functional but hurt.
As time goes on, more waves get passed our front line of snipers. As they pass our riflemen and heavy weapons teams manage to take them down.
A group of elemental broke the first line temporarily and pressed forward with a unit of infantry. Our infantry blasted theirs and into their elementals. The heavy weapons teams joined in nearly wiping the elemental unit out. A single point remained. I opened up with my MGs taking out 4 of them, the remaining elemental shouted in defiance as I picked him off with my ER Large Laser.
Eventually the wave got too big, blasting at them with everything we have, about three platoons managed to catch up to our second line. The snipers offered some light support from behind their platoon, while our riflemen took our the last of them.
More waves, still larger.
Our second line breaks and is forced to retreat to the final line. Things got worse from there.

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