Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dawn of War

No pictures this time. I didn't have time once the fights began. But it did go well. Except all the times we died, we won a lot.

Iniquity managed to float to the top a lot. I naturally gravitated there as well. Shadow (aka Ed Teach) did pretty well too. The younger J did fine, as did the token female of the group (she was new to the game). We are better than 3 Hard opponents but not as good as 3 Harder opponents. We had a pretty good balance with 2 Harder opponents however. The battle was going in our favor until the younger J dropped out due to accidentally unplugging his computer some time earlier. That's when it turned sour. Fortunately I was able to retreat across the map and regain my footing. With the others defending the camp and a bit of hit and run, we eventually came back to win. Victory for us.

Remember, more Steam keys are coming this weekend and again later this week. There are at least 18 planned right now. I might do more if I get a good return.

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