Wednesday, November 6, 2013

XCOM: One Page

Pretty much done with this one, so I'm putting it out in the wild here.

This is the One Page I did for an XCOM game. The intent of these files is to introduce a campaign idea to my players as a complete thought. This outlines the concept of the game, the role they'll play and various advantages and disadvantages. It also includes the expectations of them. This way no one is surprised by anything and if they forget (as often happens) there's a hard copy to refer back to. This is not a campaign document, as that would include more specific details and what was and wasn't allowed. This is just to sell them on the idea of the game.

Season 1: First Contact
Systems: Savage Worlds, D20 Modern (SRD version), GURPs (with GURPS Lite)

A homebrew conversion to mimic the intensity of a massive war with extraterrestrials. The game will use a combination of elements from all seven video games as well as new elements designed for the game. No prior knowledge of the game series or setting are required, however as this game will be based on the series, expert level play may be helpful.
Players will take on the role of a squad of soldiers in the Extraterrestrial Command Unit, or XCom. Lots of combat against alien forces in an open ended campaign. New technologies will be gathered and developed. War escalation will bring an increased array of weapons and aliens to gradually increase the difficulty as XCom develops more advanced technology.

+Physical Combats
+Mental Challenges
+Long Episodic Campaign
-Low Social Aspect
-Very Long Prep Time
-Low Serials

Multiple campaigns are possible as players progress through and win wars. Another enemy always lurks out there.
Customizable depth, players may take on multiple roles and characters to fill tactical and support positions, or may play a single character.
There is a focus on the strategic and tactical aspects of war, leaving out the more social aspects of role playing. Most social interaction will be between PCs. This makes it both the most restrictive and most open roleplaying environment.
Options for unique situations. Unique situations possible might be alien mind control (or controlling aliens). Playing as an alien defector. Carrying over characters from one campaign to another. Cooperation with multiple groups (pending).

Example Play:
Two Characters:
The first player team controls the command room. Several UFO sightings, only time to hit one. Interceptors away. Ship downed, deploy the skyranger!
The second team arrives on site. Guns ready. The battle ensues. The players recover the artifacts they find to be the most important.

Back to the first team. The unit commander discusses the options, picks an artifact to research and works from there.

PDF Version

This is of course acceptable for a group of seven players. Most of the social takes place from player to player, freeing up the GM to handle the other players. The plus side to this is that it doesn't take time away from other players.

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