Monday, November 11, 2013

Evacuation: BattleTech

Following the events of the planetary battle, we were forced to flee to a strange ship that appears to be from the future, having crashed into the planet thousands of years ago. We now are trying to survive long enough to escape this nightmare.

Staff Sgt. Wilhelm Eich reporting.
The situation progressed normally. The captain and his command crew were in the bridge trying to work out the ships systems. Our men stationed themselves in the manufacturing plant while we sent out patrols to recover and fix whatever we could.
Eventually the doctor and myself set out to check out the medical and hydroponics facilities on the ship. We took a large attachment to check it out. The place was sealed like crazy. We went into the cargo bay (adjacent) to meet up with the rest of the team. The place was mostly empty save for parts to repair the engine. The doctor insisted on going into the hydroponics section. The rest of the crew helped set up explosives to get in. I pointed out the dangers of breaking in to what I fear was the gates to hell. 
The other mech jockey and myself prepared for the instant we would have to block that door back up with anything we had. At some point our insane technician threatened to tie up the doctor and shoot the captain in the head. I'm not sure what his obsession is with shooting the captain is, but it might be best to keep them apart as best as possible.
Once our teams went in there were two doors, one sealed, one open. Our soldiers moved through the open door and continued on. We sent in the power armor unit to provide backup and get a better look. The men were frightened, but still had no idea what was going on. I told the two squads that whichever team found medical charts or anything of the sort could come out first. I now regret not telling them to leave (though it was not particularly my call). Soon after the men are attacked by something from the dark, tearing them apart and eating them alive. Everyone started fleeing. At this point the technician opened the sealed door (free of consultation with anyone else to my knowledge). Within that door was a room with some sort of alien spore. This mass reacted to the presence of the technician and began shooting tentacles out. Without any support and our other troops fleeing to this position, the monster was unhindered in attacking. The squad leader of the Power Suits fled passed as men around them were being assaulted by this new threat.
So as our men fled into this trap, their leaders escaped and let them die. 
We sealed the room back up as best as possible and left. Nothing to show for it but blood on our hands. 
We proceeded to rendezvous with the captain over comms as our technician took this moment to taunt him about the fallen soldiers. I understand a bit of joking to ease the tension and cope with the issue but this was downright cruel to the memory of those fallen. 
It seems this planet has rotted the minds of my companions. At this point I'm not sure that getting them off this planet is worth it. I can only hope that once we escape from this place and we reunite with the Lyran forces, they can save us from ourselves.

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