Friday, November 8, 2013

Shadowrun: One Page

The second One Page is here. This one for Shadowrun.
While I've wanted to play Shadowrun for many years and I think this campaign would be fun, Black Iniquity and I both think current group dynamics and size make it unlikely to work well. Depending on how things go, I'd like to see this one work out in the future however.

Shadows and Spirits
System: Third Edition.

A Cyberpunk take on the future, where magic reawakened and caused the “goblinization” of people. Turning humans into trolls, elves, orcs and dwarves (while some remained humans). Magic and technology coexist (but interact poorly, if at all).
Players take on the role of Runners, people making a living doing the dirty jobs for rich and important people. Each player will have their own contacts and will have to deal with their own reputations in this world of shadowy dealings. Knowledge of terms and a basic understanding of the universe will be extremely helpful, however actual knowledge of people, places and corporations will not be needed.
Play as an Orc Shaman, a Human Monk, a Dwarven Samurai or more.

+Blends Fantasy and Sci-Fi
+Lots of Player Choice
+Long episodic Campaign
+Serials possible from time to time.
-New System
-Long Prep Time

Players will be expected to track their own contacts and other ingame relationships.
Players will be expected to take on leadership roles as needed in the group.
Multiple missions with timeframes can be given forcing the players to prioritize missions and to give freedom for what the players want.
Unsure on the deadliness of combat and survivability of characters.
Notes and other paperwork are important to remembering who and what you know. This is vital to keeping track of your contacts and how well you know and can trust them.

Example Missions:

Using his own contacts, the player is put in touch with Mr. Johnson. He tells his team and they suit up. Since it’s his contacts and his job, he takes the lead. After all, it’s his reputation on the line here. Fortunately, as a decker, his contacts put him in charge of hacking the security system at a megacorp. Easy, as long as his team can hold off the guards while he does so.

Shadowrun One Page

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