Saturday, November 9, 2013

One Pages

So now I've posted a few of my first one pages. The idea again is to sell a campaign to my group so they can pick what they want me to run. A few clock in at the 2-4 year range. Some are only 6-12 months. Most are open ended however. Once they pick out a campaign to play I'll get a full campaign document set up and we'll go from there.

As I'm working on getting a second group set up again (we've having some scheduling conflicts) not all of these one pages apply to the Friday night group. Currently there are six copies out in the wild of the full first revision. I'm currently working on the second revision to include more games accommodating a larger group. I've even got a few indie games coming into the mix.
One thing I've thought about doing is adding in a homebrew game and maybe even a full conversion. For now they're off the table.
Upcoming titles include two house setting campaigns, some pages for premade campaigns, World of Darkness, and more. Don't forget the awesome indie titles I mentioned.

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