Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fantasy Wargamer

Previously I gave an overview of my past in Warhammer 40,000. I'm about to join an escalation league, but this is for Warhammer Fantasy. I have a bit of a history here, but not nearly as much.

Back when my friends and I played 40k we dabbled in everything else. Like I said, I loved gaming. This of course led to picking up a copy of Warhammer Fantasy box set. Bretonnians and Lizardmen. Cyro and I split two of these. Erik picked up undead. We never really played, which is a bit sad since I always wanted to play.
Fortunately for me, there's a new location for buying Games Workshop items around here. I visited them to pick up Dark Vengeance. After bringing my friends all there and talking to the staff, turns out they were planning a Fantasy Escalation League.
I did a little research on armies. I had a good number of Bretonnians at one point, but not much remains of that. A dozen knights, a few dozen archers. Toss in a few special characters (that no longer exist) and I have too few points to play. I did the math, I would be about $180 to build up my Bretonnians to a 2000 point playable force. I would still need the rules and the army book. For about the same I can make my High Elf force, but this time with the rules and much more variation in my models. Now a box of Island of Blood and a Battalion Box, I can have a roughly 2000 point army. Likely I'll splurge and get another copy of Island of Blood and a few boxes of whatever seems to work. Plus I have an old Dark Elf bolt thrower that I can convert into a High Elf version.
I also have a few friends from High School that will be joining me. Dan and Perry. I'm also trying to get ZigZero to join us, but the league starts with the first deadline on Jan 31st. I'll have to paint up my Island of Blood box by then, so I'm cutting it close enough already. I'll have updates and pictures as I go however.

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