Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Meeting- BattleTech

The captain sat Wilhelm down at the table. A simple table with a single lamp. Two chairs, one for Wilhelm, one for the Captain. A notepad sat in front of the captain. The room was bare. Likely built for the purpose of interrogation or debriefing. Fortunately for Wilhelm he wasn't being interrogated.

  A quick puff of his pipe and the questions began. “So you fought a Kerensky?”
 “Surprising you survived”
 “No sir. On the occasions where he brought support, my team was able to keep the fight fair and even. When faced alone, despite what I assume was a prototype mech, my superior training, abilities and equipment ensured my victory. Facing off against that pilot, in that mech, I will always win.”
 The captain took another puff of his pipe, writing a brief note. He moved slowly and deliberately. After a moment he looked back. “And this prototype mech?”
 “A bulkier MadCat sir. It took a beating. Even as he fled with other targets, I prioritized damaging his mech to keep him out of the fight as long as possible. It was formidable, but the pilot was lacking. As a prototype, it might have also had some bugs to work out. Hopefully these fights will delay its production.”
 More puffs. More time. The Captain was clearly someone with a cool head. Used to making others wait for him. A man of authority, that knows how to exercise it. “Your abilities as a Mechpilot are top notch. Why are you so interested in piloting ships lately?”
 “Simple sir, we’re in space. The effectiveness of being a Mechpilot are extremely limited here. I’m interested in flying because it’s helpful to the mission. A mechpilot is dead weight right now. I have the time to learn, and my interest it learning to be more effective. Piloting an aerospace fighter is an extension of my skills. Being able to pilot a shuttle may come in handy as well.”
 A slow nod comes from the captain. Another puff. “Understandable. Do you see yourself continuing as a mechpilot when this is over?”
 This caused pause. Normally sure of himself, Wilhelm had never thought not being a mechpilot was an option. “I imagine so. The skills I intend on learning here are simply to help the mission. To survive. Being a mechpilot is what I do. It’s what I am. Just for now there is no room for Mechpilots here.”
 “And after we get back?”
 “I’ll be a mechpilot for certain. If the Lyran’s want to keep me, I’ll entertain the option. However to really hone my skill and prove I’m the best, I may need to fight in the areans. I might need to push my skills as an outside contractor for the Lyran Military. I haven’t thought too much about that.”
 After a few more notes the captain looked up. “Dismissed”

  Wilhelm took his leave. Unsure of how to read the captain. Distant for sure. That’s why he’s a captain. Hopefully impressed. Hopefully understanding. 

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