Thursday, January 2, 2014


Still getting all our gear together and figuring things out to play some 40k. Right now I'm trying to pick an army to start with. Something basic like Space Marines or maybe something super fancy like Eldar Corsairs.

We're starting with the Kill Team rules at this point. Mostly because I have to paint 5-10 miniatures instead of 25ish. Now, my poor Guardsmen friends still have to paint a good 10-20 miniatures. But it's still a lot better than the 80 they'd have to paint otherwise.
From there we MIGHT hit the 400 point combat patrol as a step into the full game at 550 points.
I've been busy working on Super Dungeon Explore so I haven't started my 40k miniatures yet, but I'll be starting my army on Sunday. ZigZero and I are going to have a paint party to get our first squads done.
I'll dig out the camera and get it ready for some pictures (I hope).

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