Monday, January 13, 2014


Been painting up a storm, as much as I can. I have my Archmage done and a bolt thrower with crew done for fantasy. Right now I'm finishing up my Ellyrian Reavers. I also did up a few of my second edition Necrons to play in a Kill Team, which will eventually be made into a 550 point army.
The High Elves are going to end in a 750 point army for the start of an escalation league. The first deadline for that is Jan 31st. So I have about 23 more models to paint (another Bolt Thrower + crew and 2 units of Sea Guard). My goal however is to get the Bolt Thrower and crew done tomorrow and the Sea Guard well on it's way by Thursday. So this is a quick WIP update.

The Archmage is done. I've posted him before. The Bolt Thrower conversion is decent. It needs more done to it, but the crew are done and it's kind of done. I want embellishments on it. It looks plain.

First up my Necrons. These guys are so easy to do, it's practically cheating. Black, silver, gold and copper touches and green gun. Simple.

We did have a paint day on Sunday, so I have to give a quick shout out to the painting buddies now. First up is ZigZero painting up a Guardsmen Kill Team. He's the inexperienced one. So we've been showing him the ropes. He also ignored a bunch of my tips until later in the evening and once he started he enjoyed them.
His color scheme for the Guard is going to be blue and green. Mixed troops, Catachan, Cadian, etc. He's going to have to start painting dwarves soon however.

And next up is our very own, Black Iniquity. He's painting up Guardsmen. Which I can only assume are for his Kill Team or his 550 point army. He's going with red and black. Sticking mostly to Cadians right now. His army will be lead by a Lord Commissar. 

And back to my Necrons for a moment to show them after I finished last night. Bases need some touch ups still, but they're pretty good.
My 2e Destroyer becoming a Heavy Destroyer
And the completed Kill Team.

And finally my High Elves so far. Again, Reavers aren't finished yet. Haven't done brown or gold. I also have to highlight the blue yet. Then do all the bits and baubles.

So that's in for my Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team and my current line up of High Elves for fantasy. I'm hoping to get the Reavers done tomorrow night and to hit the other Bolt Thrower really quick. Then Wednesday and Thursday are 20 Sea Guard. After those I have to do 10 more plus 10 archers. But those aren't due until the end of February.

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