Monday, January 9, 2012

Talon Journal Entry for 12-24-11

We're dispatched to rescue a scouting vessel that is disabled and can only use it's sub-light engines, it's a CR-90. We jump to it's location, Jang arriving one day before Kall and I. Jang rigs the engine and does the necessary prep work before we arrive (preventing it from going critical). After our arrival it takes a day to completely repair the engines, just in time before another imperial patrol arrives. They thank us and we head back to home base.

A few days later I receive a mysterious note stating that there is a temple containing information about my future, no coordinates though. I consult Yoda about the note but he has no idea. I go back to teaching my class and at the end of the day general Obi Wan confronts me. I learn that thanks to me they have exposed a spy (droid) that had a few more notes for me. The notes were destroyed since they were from dark side agents, Yoda thought it to be in my best interest.

The next day Kall finds a picture of a Mando Neo Crusader armor taped to the inside of his helmet and tells me about it. Later on Kall receives a single message that says 'Telo IV' so we decide to head there. We land at the capital and decide to check out the local library looking for anything on old temple ruins. After a little bit of searching Kall finds an ancient book. It has detailed information about an old temple that was bombarded over 4,000 years ago on Parculus Minor.

We depart for the planet only to find that it is a scorched hell hole, mainly because it was fire bombed during the clone wars. The planet is very hazardous, has concentrations of explosive gas with little vegetation. We land near a small village and the first thing we notice is a peculiar resin coating the trees. After further investigation we determine that it is explosive.

We talk with on of the locals and ascertain that there is a ruin hidden in the forest nearby. After a while we pick up on it's general location, mainly because there is an area that's jamming our sensors. To conserve fuel we head there on foot and after several hours find a large crater with a massive structure towering out of it. The complex is surrounded by water but there is a bridge we can use.

We continue onward and come to a large blast door covered in rust and carbon. We notice scores of sensor masts all around, probably because the complex has been recently occupied. We decide to check out the top of the structure. Kall uses a grappling hook and rope to casually climb to the top. I use the force to float there effortlessly. Jang tries some stupid jump trick and only makes it six feet before he starts to fall. I quickly tap into the same power to catch him before he falls and levitate him up the rest of the way.

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