Saturday, January 7, 2012

Into the Temple

Finally they realise sitting on the roof does not get you in the front door. They decend and enter. Imediately they find a console and hack into the security. They then set the primary sentry to kill anything that isn't them. Explosions rock the base from above. They rush up the turbo lift to find the sentry destroying an XS Stock Light Freighter. Freakout commences.

We've tested mechanics, use computer, climb, acrobatics and more already. Combat was avoided thanks to some good skills. Unfortunately some judgement calls caused the freighter to get trashed.
A quick fall down a turbolift and the guys are lost in the middle of the complex. Some playful traps to pester the players all before they enter the playground of Starkiller. Some fights with a few Madclaws and the group was glad to realise they could tell the computer to shut down the simulation to get it to shut down the simulation and stop sending people for them to fight.
Dealing with mad droids that need information for their databases, with of course no knowledge skills to help them fill in their databases.
The group does however have a need to open every single door. Every single door without even stoping to think what's in this door or what they're after. In fact, I'm not sure they've really grasped what they're looking for yet. Oh well, perhaps that's for another day.

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