Friday, January 6, 2012

Legend of the Hidden Temple

So soon we'll be hearing about the adventures of our crew in an old abandoned military base. My goal for this military base is to create a spider web of traps, shortcuts, and combats suitable for every skill set. The more skills and diversity in a group, the more rewards they will get and the less combat they will see. However, the challenge isn't only for people with skills. A group can easily fight their way in, kill things, break things get the prize and leave if they want.

I don't like to keep to close of an eye on my players skills. While I like to somewhat cater to their characters (as seen with my Mando adventures or my Jedi/Sith plots) I also like to be surprised to see them work in ways I wouldn't have seen. The only skill growth I've really encouraged is for them to be at least decent at piloting a ship. This is mainly due to them flying a lot all over the galaxy. I have tried to back off this by allowing them to pick a ship that everyone can fly on rather than everyone being a pilot.
So that's my design plan, for this current adventure and future adventures. Explore skills more and make everything valuable. Sure some players might be mad that their characters don't know that Aduba-2 is a toxic gas planet off the top of their heads, they may miss out on the easiest path or some treasure, but they can still continue on. They also have other options. I know one player can make a knowledge check on anything at a cost. I also know that some players are able to use equipment to bypass certain things. One such challenge was a climbing check, one player climbed, but could have used his jump pack. One player used Move Object to float up and the other player used Surge to fling himself 4 feet into the air, smack into a wall and flail around while the other players grabbed him and lifted him up.
So a task, impossible normally, but with equipment and creativity is possible for everyone.

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