Monday, January 30, 2012

Talon Journal Entry for 1-20-12

We continue to trek through the complex with Kall having to check every single door on the way. Then we come across a room with a bunch of surveillance equipment in it, destroyed by the water we let into the complex of course. Continuing on we come across a gungan who was trapped in a holding cell. He goes by the name of Yosa Boss and joins our party (play 'join party.midi').

We continue our search of every single room and come across a Lone Scout A in a hanger. We'll come back for that. We find a turbo lift that can go down 8 levels but stops at the fourth. We need a security code to access the lower levels. We look around a bit and instead of a key card we come across a very large junk droid wired into a door. He wants to know his function and we attempt to fix his programming. Yosa knows a little bit about programming but fails to fix the droid. We give up on the droid.

Going through more rooms we encounter two rat gouls and quickly seal the door. We backtrack to the turbo lift and take it down to the fourth level. I use my lightsaber to cut a hole in the floor and we descend to the bottom level. We continue onward through two rooms which have red security lights flashing. The next room is much bigger with only a single door opposite of us. There are also tons of combat droids being activated so we b-line for the door! The next room has two more doors and a lift which we take down.

The lift only goes one level down and has a room with five active security turrets (which the gungan found out the hard way) and another long room with a bunch of clear blast doors. At the opposite end there is a lever which Jang tries to move with the force and passes out. I tap into my own power and just manage to activate it raising the doors. We come to another room with tons of combat droids ready to be activated. Opposite us is another door and a large crystal encasing a robed figure.

We walk up to it and try to pass but force lightning shoots out from the crystal. We step back and examine it. I put my hand on the crystal and communicate with the being inside. I learn that it's an ancient dark-sider that sealed itself inside the crystal a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. The being wants to know if I'm Starkiller and since I don't like to lie I tell him that I'm not and get no where. Jang and Kall try the same thing and get no where so we try to walk past it again anyways. Droids start activating and more eldritch energy arcs from the crystal. Kall gets hit pretty hard from blaster fire and Jang goes down from the lightning attacks. I start to drag Jang away and as soon as we're away from the door the attacks stop.

The only way for us to go forward is for me to lie to the dark one. Once again I place my hand on the crystal and actually manage to deceive it, granting us access to the door. We regroup and continue on through the door. Inside there is a ladder leading down to a cavern. The cavern eventually opens up into a small temple area littered with dead bodies. In the center lies the corpse of Starkiller, four years old if we had to guess. A closer look reveals wounds caused by a lightsaber. The whole scene doesn't make sense. We just met with Starkiller not too long ago unless one of them was a clone.

I notice an altar with an ancient tome setting on it. Curiously I open it and start to read. The contents are very dark, disturbing and unsettle my soul. I put the tome down.


  1. I think J&J have tainted your ideas of Starkiller. Cloning Jedi is a hard an dangerous thing, those two just insist it's a clone because they know the story of Force Unleashed. But think of what was in the temple. There was a separatist outpost, followed by a Mandalorian encampment, and locked below that was an Imperial bunker and below that a Dark Side tomb. I would wager he didn't send you there to find the Separatist stuff. The Mandalorian stuff would have been nice, but why would Starkiller send you to a secret base to find that? Then there's the ancient Sith, but if Star Killer sent you to find him, was he so hesitant to even acknowledge you? If he sent you to find the tome in the tomb, why when it's too big to remove and the effects it gave you are merely temporary? So it seems logical that the reason he sent you was to find the BODY. The question is why.

  2. I should also note, that cloning is rare, cloning a Jedi is basically unheard of. You have met a clone of a Jedi, but I believe he had little or no force powers.
    There are a few examples of Jedi being cloned, including two major ones, outside of Force Unleashed. The first, was originally going to be a clone of Kenobi, but was replaced by some generic guy (Joruus). This clone went insane and became a dark Jedi. The second was a clone of Luke (Luuke) that went insane and became a dark Jedi. We can also talk about the Palpatine clones, but those were basically empty husks that were used to implant a life into. But keep in mind too, that all of these events happen AFTER the current time, so no one would know about them.

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