Saturday, January 21, 2012

Death of Starkiller

This week we discovered the end of Starkiller, apparently dead for four years. But more importantly a Gungan and a ship. The Gungan seems to think they're all idiots. Everyone else knows they're idiots. Really though, I think I made things too easy and the group over thought, literally, everything.
"There's a door." "Open it." "There's a bunk bed." "Go to the next door" "Are you going to open all thirty doors over the next three hours?" "Yes."

There was a scuffle with some form of ultimate evil and lots of force lightning. Plus some droids but they were more for ambiance. I mean, to be honest, the being admitted he was immortal and encased in a crystaline structure that rooted into the floor.  They also set off some alarms and ran passed the guards being deployed. So next session we'll have to deal with the remainder of the droid army above them.
Then is all ends with the Jedi going slightly insane and becoming paranoid. Lets see how that turns out.

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