Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yosa Boss L4

A quick update on the newly advanced Yosa Boss character that was just introduced.

After a short period Yosa Boss reached level 4. I also realized I shorted him his level 3 feat. So now he has Martial Arts. With the stat gains, his intelligence went up to 14 granting him another language and another trained skill. The skill taken was Knowledge (Tactics) since that opens the Officer class to him later (this may be tinkered with at the level 6 rebuild to focus more on his Jedi destiny). As a 4th level Noble, he only gets a bonus feat, but now he can use rifles as well. At sixth level with his level feat Force Sensative as well as the class Bonus Feat or either Skill Training (Use the Force) or Exotic Weapon (Lightsaber) would really enhance the character. It should be mentioned that with combat gloves and Martial Artist he's already doing 1d6+3 damage with melee (1d6+2 without gloves) while still being essansially unarmed. Not as great as 3d6 or 3d8 but in a pinch it's more useful, since in combat he'll normally be using a blaster, which does that damage, but if they lose their weapons, the Gungan Noble becomes one of the best fighters in the group (only currently being outdone by two Jedi with force powers to back them up).


  1. Don't forget that the Sith Lord/Jedi has two marks in Martial Arts. If we're ever in a pinch the group will at least have Jedi Judo and GungFoo!

    1. I know, that will totally help you guys when you're helping the Empre defend the Death Star from the Rebels.