Friday, January 27, 2012

Yosa Boss

I designed this character, so I think I should add some comments up about him.
I desided it would be fair to start him at level three for now. After this last adventure and the impending escape, it will be interesting to see how much XP they're really racking up. He should hit the levels pretty fast.

To annoy the players, I desided to make a Gungan for the group. Filling in holes for the party, I made sure we had someone that was skilled and capable. Since none of the other characters are reall skilled... or capable.
I went with Noble to get the skills and gave him the standard attribute package, loading him on Dex, Int and Cha. This would give him the most bonus to the most skills. Unfortunately a racial penalty to Int hurts him as a Gungan, but I wanted to get it as high as we could (a 13 in this case). This left his Dex at 15, but with racial bonuses, some armor and a few other things we're got an easy 19 ref defense (not to far behind his companions). A little Martial Arts and we should be good to go.
The concept is basically a lucky Gungan that has some natural leadership and a bit of a jack of all trades. His luck is represended by Strong in the Force. Fortunately for him, as a natural leader (and the Born Leader talent) he can help out his friends with a bonus in combat. Hopefully he'll look into going in to Officer or something later on.
His destiny is to become a Jedi and generally being annoying to Edward Teach.
Once he hits level four, his stats should clean up a bit with Dex hitting 16 and his Int hitting 14. So we'll see a lot of skills go up +1 for his level and +1 for the attribute bump (plus an extra trained skill). With toughness he's getting extra HP to make up for his slightly lower level and his lower normal hit points.

So far, he's been being played out as a bit of a coward (he carries combat gloves and a heavy blaster pistol though). I'd like to see the character come forward as more of a leader though, since he's basically designed to be the one calling the shots but not taking them. If he does push into becoming a Jedi though, he will be able to take the shots as well, becoming the most well rounded character of the bunch. A few more trained skills and a skill focus or two would really make him rock out of combat too.
I am allowing slight rebuilds/retraining at levels 6, 11 and 16 too though, so once he settles into his role, he'll be able to rebuild a bit better to specialise in a few levels.

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