Monday, January 2, 2012

Talon Journal Entry for 11-25-11

It doesn't take us long to get accustomed to another Imperial Ship. While walking back from one of my training sessions I'm approached by a robbed figure who gives me coordinates to go to the next day. I gather up my group and we head out there and find a Star Destroyer waiting for us. After being escorted in we dock without any trouble. Awaiting us is a robed figure who wastes no time with pleasantries and escorts us to his master. Upon entering a large chamber he walks up, sits down in a chair and unveils himself. The dude is young, bald and introduces himself as Star Killer (Why are evil people always bald). He also introduces us to his dark forces, trainees of his new Shadow Academy.

We're offered a chance to join his side and of course there are bonuses offered as well. He also lets on that he has no allegiance to the Emperor or the Prophet. We carefully discuss our decision in an adjoining conference room. After only a few moments we come to a decision, for better or for worse. Without fear of the possible imminent and gruesome death I state that we decline to accept his offer, for now...
To my surprise we're released without incident and to each of a gift is given. Not long after arriving back both Kall and Delora petition to become my Sith Apprentice. Kall using pity and Delora using seduction. It takes a level head, clear thinking and lot's of willpower but I decline both of them for the time being. Jesus, Man!
Shortly after this Kall is reintroduced to his long lost cougar lover, Lady Reandda. I store away the recording of their reunion for future blackmail potential, muahaha. A mission comes up and we gather in the briefing room. The Executor is preparing for an assault on the Death Star.. Kall and I are taking a Y-Wing and Jang and Delora will be in X-Wings.