Monday, January 16, 2012

Talon Journal Entry for 1-6-12

There is nothing so we head back down. Kall manages to hack the door which opens up to a dark room containing an active computer console and a lift. The console gives us one security option that we can manipulate so we change the IFF to kill anything that is not us. Immediately we hear explosions upstairs so we investigate. On the upper level we find a junk droid ripping apart an XS Stock Light Freighter! Kall uses his jet pack to fly up and land on top of it to stop the droid from finishing its attack. Jang goes inside hoping to at least recover the ship's navigation data. He immediately rushes back out after because of the harmful gasses, radiation, etc. leaking from the ship. We give up on the ship and continue downward.

The next room contains more broken consoles and a turbo lift in the corner. We enter it after clearing out some debris and push the button to head deeper into the complex. Without warning the lift falls, Jang and I immediately react and tumble to break the fall. The lift hits hard and we're not sure how many levels went by. We manually open the door to a small communications room, there are two more doors. We open up the door on the left… and there's a hallway with another door! We enter the hallway and trigger a trap. Black smoke pours out of the vents as we rush to the next room!

The next room has three more doors and a turbo lift. Kall opens the door on the right to find half of a protocol droid wired into some computer consoles. Behind the droid lies a blast door and to gain entry we need to supply it with medical data since it's records are broken. Jang decides to go into the other room with blaster pistol drawn. To his surprise he finds an astromech droid wired into the console! At the mere sight of a weapon the droid oils itself, malfunctions and is now bricked. We start to open the third door and water immediately starts to fill the room and is quickly closed. Kall decides to jury-rig the blast door on the right and it works after five hours. The door opens only to reveal another clear door blocking our path. On the other side we see a few dead scientists on the floor, we only wonder what killed them.

We go back through the hallway and try out the other door on the right hand side. In the next hallway Kall triggers another trap and orange smoke starts to pour out from the vents. We quickly shut ourselves in the next room. The has a few tables and food lying on the ground. Some of the smoke crept in with us and it rots the food upon contact. We try a few doors in this room which fail to work so we go up the turbo lift. There are more doors so we go straight.

This room has a door at the end and three doors on each side. Since we're following the Adventurer's guide 101 we proceed to check every friggin door starting with the first one on the left. It a wicked looking creature chained to the wall. The next door has an old woman chained to the wall begging for rescue, Kall shuts the door and tells me not to let her out. As soon as Kall starts to open the third a white furry claw shoots out and nearly takes off his face! Kall pushes on the door trying to contain the creature. Jang walks up behind Kall, carefully aims his blaster pistol and shoots Kall in the back of the head! At this point I really don't know what to think. Is the twi'lek some kind of retarded spy out to get Kall or is he just retarded?

Both Kall and Jang urge me to use the force to push the creature back in it's prison so I do. Almost immediately an alarm sounds and a voice over a speaker says "Training simulation beginning, good luck Starkiller!" We're locked in and all of the cell doors open up and four mad claws engage us! Kall gets family styled by two of them while both Jang and I have one opponent each. In desperation Jang uses his lightning power but for some reason it looks much weaker than normal. At that point I feel a strong dark side presence. I deftly slash my opponent giving it a deep and cauterized wound, it looks very pissed. Kall sees and opening that screams attack, puts his blaster pistol up against the bottom of the mad claw's chin and pulls the trigger. Cherry pie is splattered against the wall as it's lifeless corpse falls to the ground like a furry ragdoll. In retaliation the mad claw behind Kall slashes him and he's on the ground unconscious. Then it turns it's attention to poor Jang just as he takes his opponent down. Just as I dispatch my opponent Jang also takes the last mad claw down with another lightning attack. The battle is over.

Over the speakers we hear "Start phase two" and hear the cells start to cycle! Kall says "End simulation!" hoping that it responds to commands. And it works! I find morbid humor in the fact that we could have ended the fight before it started. With that debacle behind us and agreement to never speak of it we bring Kall back to consciousness and go ahead to the next room. It's a control room with six more doors and two turbo lifts. We take a lift up and find a bunch of padded and hospital rooms. There is also half of a medical droid there. We decide to not go forward with these lifts and head back the way we came, down past the hallway with the black smoke to the room with the water in it. We head down five levels.

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  1. "Is the twi'lek some kind of retarded spy out to get Kall or is he just retarded?"
    Remember, now your character is paranoid and mostly insane, he should probably keep an eye on his back side.
    -insert evil cackle.