Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gaming Intermission 5-11-12

Instead of our typical Friday Evening Roleplaying Session we decided to play two different games.

The first is a board game called Pandemic, a four player co-operative game.  The board consists of a map of the world with the locations being major cities.  Each player has a role card that allows them specific special abilities.  The object of the game is to find a cure for all four of the games diseases.  On a player’s turn you have four actions for movement, removal of disease cubes or other actions.  After this is finished the player goes into the infection phase where they draw two player cards and an amount of infection cards based on the infection level.  Those cards will have a city on them and you place an infection cube on that city.  The only problem is that a city can only have three cubes and if another is placed on it, it acts much like an exploding die, spreading cubes to neighboring cities.  Each time we played we came closer to curing the pandemic but to make a long story short we’re in trouble if a real pandemic hits!  It’s quite a fun game and worth owning.

The next game we played was called Munchkin Zombies.  This was a very interesting card game were you’re indirectly with and against every other player.  You primarily fight against monster cards drawn from the ‘door’ pile, collect loot and advance levels.  The objective is to be the first one to make it to level ten.  In my opinion the game has sort of a roleplaying/card dueling/screw with your neighbor feel to it and can be enjoyed by anyone (even non-nerds!).  This game is definitely worth checking out, is fun and easy to learn once you start playing.

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