Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Agasha Kensuki, a brief history

Agasha Kensuki of the Dragon Clan, an aspiring young Shugenja and direct descendent of Agasha herself.  He grew up in the lowlands of the Mirumoto Provinces, just past the Great Wall of the Northern Mountains.  At an early age he had an affinity for the five elements and had an easy time with his studies.  Since the founding of the Dragon Clan the Mirumoto and Agasha families have maintained a strong bond.  One of this best friends from childhood went by the name of Mirumoto Ryogin.  They would often train together and were a frightening force to fight against.

Kensuki's family would often travel outside of the Dragon Provinces.  Of these travels, visits to the Phoenix lands were common and they would spend time with a particular Isawa family.  A girl of this family, Isawa Sueno, developed a special bond with Kinsuki which may have been the intent of both families.  It also helped that they were both aspiring to be great Shugenja.  To this day they still remain in close contact and some think a marriage might be around the corner!

During another travel Kensuki was separated from his parents when a group of bandits attacked their caravan.  Some families were slain, some managed to escape and some were captured.  He was in Scorpion territory, lost and scared.  After a few days mixed with wandering and avoiding bandit patrols he came upon their main camp.  To make a long story short and save it for another time, Kensuki infiltrated the camp and saved the captive families.  Among those saved was the daughter of a very influential Scorpion Clan Family.  Kensuki still maintains mutual ties with this family and visits from time to time.

Upon completing his Gempukku, Kensuki and Ryogin were assigned to the Wall.  This was quite a responsibility since the wall is the only thing separating the Emerald Empire from the Shadowlands.  They reported for duty along with a few other Samurai and were given a scouting mission.  I won't go into detail here but by the time the mission was over, Kensuki was the only surviving member of the party and had to bear witness to the gruesome death of his friend and other horrors.    He will never forget his time in that nightmare of a land and how real the threat is to the Empire.

On a final note, Kensuki's family is not without a positive history.  A distinguished ancestor of his, Mirumoto Kenzo, carried the Clan Banner into the Battle of White Stag.  At some point during the battle he died a glorious death in a duel with another Samurai.

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