Saturday, May 5, 2012

NPC Spotlight: Knight Koosh

The first member of the new Jedi that the players met, Koosh is responsible for the safety of the crew in their early days in the universe.
The players were greeted a bit harshly the first time they boarded the ISD Drudger. The hit squad met them in the landing bay as their escape pod crashed into the landing bay.
The crew was then escorted to meet the master of the ship. An Ewok named Koosh.
Koosh is a black furred Ewok with red streaks in his coat. He has several holocrons to his name, one that the players have seen. He often goes with the flow, letting the holocron tell him what to do. 
The players haven't seen any other jedi aboard the Drudger, but they are there.
Koosh has agreed to help the players in what limited capacity he can. Koosh prefers to hide rather than engage head on.

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