Friday, May 4, 2012

Keeping Up

So as some of you know, I was out of town last weekend, which explains the lack of a post on Monday. I've got another weekend gone coming up here too.

Last weekend we went to Chicago, I was supposed to meet up with Matt from the Wreck-Age crew, but unfortunately that didn't work out.
In a couple of weeks here, Motor City Comic Con is going to be taking place, so I'll be attending that. Hopefully I'll get a couple things for the gaming group or at least some pictures worth posting. I tend to post my pictures over at Chime.In that aren't always what the blog is for.
The group got a copy of Pandemic to play thanks to the sponsors, and hopefully we'll get a copy of Munchkin soon too. I know we're really missing out without playing Munchkin though, so that's a big one we need. Once we play those I'll add posts for them as well.
I'm also interested in those Murder Mystery Dinner games but have never gotten one together. I have a few boxes stashed away. Unfortunately you can only really play them once, so I might just have to play them and report on them here, then give away the games when I'm done. We'll see.

That should get every one up to date on the behind the scenes stuff of what's going on over here. Can't wait to get back to gaming.

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