Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Game-A-Week: Tour of Darkness

Imagine playing a front line soldier battling the Viet Kong out in the middle of Vietnam during the war. Pretty rough stakes right? What if things got a little weird. What if say, a pit of dead soldiers started begging you to save them only to stand up and attack you?

Tour of Darkness (Vietnam Era- Modern)- Savage Worlds game. Simple rules to learn. Cheap rulebook. Vietnam combat with a horror twist. Play will begin only a few years into the conflict. Squad based play ensures teamwork and back up. A fairly open Plot Point Campaign that allows for many different adventures in Vietnam for a long time.
Campaign: Plot Point campaign from the book with extra missions thrown in to keep players on their toes. Already in progress.

Yup. Vietnam gets worse. We always talk about this game which usually ends up with the new players that haven't played at being yelled at with phrases such as "You don't know! You weren't there!" This is definitely a game I want to play more of.

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