Saturday, December 3, 2011

On the Horizon

After Star Wars I've told the players we'll be giving Pendragon a full go. We played a single adventure in it once before, and I enjoyed the story and the set up. The game involves a generational game play, that is when your character dies or retires, you are able to take up arms as a family member and continue play. The game takes place over roughly 80 years, so one character will hardly be able to do it all.
After that I'm working on a World of Darkness game as well as a Warhammer 40,000 game.
The World of Darkness game will basically be a romp in a fictionalized Chicago. Players will start play as human characters, but will be able to become vampires. Other supernaturals will be included and offered as a "buy up" from previous characters.
The Warhammer 40k game will use at least the four games currently published and will include playing on both sides of the fence. We have Dark Heresy characters already started for this. They will be joined shortly after the start by Rogue Trader characters, followed by Deathwatch characters. Naturally as the power escalates so will the dangers.
Also in the planning stages is a Legend of the Five Rings game.


  1. Are you using the WoD Chicago sourcebook? I just had to buy it (I live there) and I think it is one of their better products I own. I especially like the math wizards at US Cellular Field who are into baseball analytics.

  2. Yeah, we'll be using WoD Chicago as a primary source when we play. We're right around 3 hours from Chicago or Detroit. Only reason we go to conventions in Detroit and not Chicago is I have family to stay with in Detroit.
    There's a really good book that connects with WoD Chicago called "Chicago by Night" I think. It has a Mage, Vampire and Werewolf story that all interconnect. It's pretty cool.