Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Talon Journal Entry for 10-28-11

Since the guest of honor is not there yet Kall and I mingle with some of the guests. We meet an anti-social, ugly-ass twi'lek who goes by the name of Jang. Reandda shows up at the party and we have a discussion with her. With a little help from me Kall and I convince her to join the rebellion. Kall and Reandda disappear from the party just as I start doing jello shots. They also have bacon! Mmmm, bacon. The evening fades into a blur and I wake up the next morning on a couch. Kall staggers in from another room complaining that he cannot find his pants. Jang, to his own unknowing peril, decides to join our group. We contact the rebellion and our debt is cleared. We're also notified that the airspace over that ground installation is clear. Just as we're ready to depart kall's pants floats in front of our ship. I just have to wonder why there are blaster marks and blood on them, and they're out in space!
We set a course for Narshada. Upon landing we're met by a Twi'lek who is under the employ of Zorba. This time we're going to bomb the installation instead of attempting to infiltrate it. We talk with the Twi'lek about our options and we go with the escape pod ordinance surprise package. We also purchase a droid to guide the pod down to our intended target. Very clever since most wouldn't shoot down an escape pod broadcasting a distress signal. By time we're done the total cost is 13,000cr.
With the purchase and installation of our care package complete we set a course for the enemy base. After two jumps we arrive in orbit and are immediately engaged by two tie prototypes. I manage to tap into the force and annihilate one of the ties. We quickly launch the pod and jump out, mission successful.
After coming out of hyperspace two we immediately notice that two ties have also followed us. We take a couple of bad hits and we make a blind jump. Something goes wrong as we graze a black hole and dense cluster of stars. The ship and my fighter have both take structural damage. Our hyperdrive is not repairable, is glowing blue and there is also blue smoke coming from it. We use our back-up drive to jump to Alderaan, which takes 48 days! During the course of the jump Kall has developed a hatred of aliens and partially blames Jang for the failure of the hyperspace jump.
Upon coming out of hyperspace we find out that Alderaan is now in pieces. With nothing here we jump to Narshada. After some investigation our nav computer calculates that we have jumped about 12 years into the future. A YT-545 named the Midnight Star docks with us and three figures emerge. A red-headed woman named Kalah, a Duros named Nuuk-kuur or something and a human male named Edward. We hide our ship in a nearby asteroid field and they take us.

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