Saturday, December 24, 2011


So on the Wreck Age forums a user had asked about zombies. They also went into different ways of including them. But of course zombies don't fit into every game. This is of course despite people trying to shove them into every game, which I am not a fan of. In fact I even responded in the negative opinion on this matter. Zombies are played out and have no place in a lot of games. Wreck Age is one of them. Almost.

I've been imagining a few ways to include them that I think would fit artistically knowing what I know (which happens to not be a whole lot). I think I have two ways that it would work. One is lame, one is awesome.
The lame way is of course a Stitchmen plague. Animating corpses? Probably not. Modified rabies? More like it. Here are some important factors that are involved with rabies that would be important for a neo-zombie plague: Excitability, loss of feeling, tendency to bite, etc. 28 Days Later did something similar but it was confirmed that it was a modified Ebola virus. The problem with this is that modifying a disease into a controllable attack force is insanely hard. It would be more likely to drop it on an area and let everything die off. Of course then you have to worry about incubation and all of that.
I won't get into my awesome way yet, I'm still refining it and studying the information I'm using to build it. I'll post more here when I get it figured out. I can certainly say that it has none of the negatives of the previous idea.

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