Monday, December 26, 2011

Talon Journal Entry for 11-18-11

Upon making it back to the Mando commander we learn that the hut Delora killed wasn't really Jabba and that there were lightsaber marks on the corpse (meaning that we not only missed our target, we also didn't make it look like an imperial assassination). The commander is very displeased and considers our conduct to be very sloppy. Effective immediately we're to undergo training without our clothing or gear. Since Kall is the assumed leader of our group he receives thirty lashes.

The first part of our training involves a brawl with four other Mandalorians, they at least give us combat gloves to fight with. By the end of the brawl, both Kall and Delora are both unconscious, Jang is brutalize and I'm somewhat find since I had some semblance of intelligence to step out before being knocked out. Jang actually did fairly well and gets the mark of the Brawler. We're given back our gear for the next part of the training. We're going to be sent as part of a scouting mission to jump a 501st patrol.

Our group is dropped off on planet Dantooine, just outside of a small farming community. We wander around the forest area for a bit and come to a clearing where we find a very old abandoned structure. We also find tracks and decide to camp out until morning. We spot a lambda shuttle just as it lands near by. Upon the doors opening five robed figures wearing storm trooper armor jump out and confront us.

There's a short exchange of words, just the obvious questions. After that they explain what the ancient structure is and show us what's inside. It's the old Jedi Enclave. It's explained to us that they want to restore it and use it as a training facility. Seeing our potential they offer us training and explain that things have changed. We learn that Yoda has turned Vader to the light side and that the 501st is now working for the Rebellion. Since there is a shortage of trained soldiers they're looking for new recruits.
On the evil side there is Palpatine, the Prophet and Vader's former apprentice 'Star Killer'. We decide to go with them aboard the Executor, a Star Dreadnaught. Once aboard we're first met by Master Skywalker who offers us protection, training and equipment. Then we're led to Master Yoda who recognizes me from the past. Yoda notices that I have changed and wants to meditate on it. Also, he wants me to atone for the evil I now possess and become an instructor.

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