Monday, December 19, 2011

Wreck Age First Impressions and Intro Game

This week we decided to try a different game called 'Wreck Age' and played a little bit into the intro. The setting is a post-apocalyptic world where the wealthy and powerful took as much technology and resources as they could and left the world in a terrible state. The time is hundreds of years after their departure.
We play as a group of 'Drifters' who are basically nomads and follow a strict tribal code. We have four members: Edinson, Melky (who is played by me), Yata and Emaly.
The Misadventure went as follows:
A silver bird omen has fallen from the sky and crashed an unknown distance from the tribe. To prove ourselves, we're to investigate it and come back so they give us packs with a weeks worth of food each. Shortly after leaving the village we come up to a thick and malignant looking forest. There is no way around, above or under it so we decide to go through it. A little ways in I trigger a spring trap but react in time to only sustain a few scratches and after looking a little closer we spot a pile of skinned bodies a little ways away. We continue on and soon it starts to get dark out.
We make camp and take turns with the watch, Edinson being first. It's not even an hour before he hears rustling and wakes us up. Cautiously we investigate the source of the noise to find and infamous capybara! Evil, evil capybara. Reassured that the capybara poses no threat we walk back to camp and resume sleeping, Edinson taking up his shift again. Not even ten minutes later I am awakened by him again claiming that he hears another noise. Not being satisfied with my theory that the same rustling noise is the same capybara Edinson and I go and investigate it, leaving behind Emaly to rest. To his dismay it's the same friggin capybara! Rar!
Once again we treck back to camp only to find four hillbillies rummaging through our stuff, one with a shotgun pointed at Emaly who is still sleeping. Being the badass that I blast the one with the shotgun with my revolver. The shot wounds him but at the same time he pulls the trigger getting his gun off on Emaly's face. Edinson moves up closer so combat them better as I pull off another shot. This time it only grazes the barbarian. At this point they also have exchanged some fire but nothing has done any damage. One of them starts to drag Emaly away (They're cannibals). Edinson gets hit pretty hard and drops to the ground as they retreat into the woods with their new found meal. Poor Emaly, muahahha. The whole time Yata was sleeping in a tree so she's fine.
The next day we continue down the path and after almost a days travel the trees open up into a large grove. There are ruins of an old cabin that has a pole with a hunting platform at the top. We investigate the cabin to find a generator with two solar panels attached to it. Yata takes first watch since Edinson did last time. Yata notices movement in the tall grass but it's too late as four mountain screamers (descendants of mountain lions) descend upon us. A fierce battle ensues and our group is taken down rather quickly. We awake in the morning to find that all of our food has been scrounged. On the bright side the mountain screams left their prey from earlier, a capybara carcass. Poor, poor capybara. We gather up what's left of our wounded pride and continue down the trail once again. This time we come upon a burning caravan…
My thoughts and impressions: The game is fun and the setting is interesting but it feels like there is much missing from it. I personally wasn't intrigued enough to really get immersed in the setting and characters as I would with a more refined role playing game. The system felt more like we were playing a lite turn-based table top game rather than a rpg. In any case I feel this game is more of a 'diamond in the rough'.


  1. One of the main reasons we are putting this out there is to determine whether the rules for the RPG are too simple, which it sounds like you think they are. I agree with you and next adventure I will attempt to implement them, along with a more complex setting (we went simple on purpose this round). I appreciate the feedback!


  2. I'm making a note here:
    BI missed out on the last portion of the game due to outside influence.
    So the remainder of the events from Wreck Age will not be covered in his journals.