Monday, December 12, 2011

Talon Journal Entry for 11-11-11

Our rescuers have to make a stop at Tatooine and on the way we're flanked by several vessels. We're boarded by the Mandalorian Protectorate. Since these are Kall's people we let him do the negotiating and after a brief conversation we go with them. Our group is led into a briefing room where they're planning an attack on a large Star Destroyer named 'The Executor' (which is also the 501st's staging vessel). The first order of business is regarding trouble with one of the financiers funding their operations. We decide to accept the mission since we're fairly poor, have no ship and no place to really call home. Our mission is of the assassination type and has to be correct. We're to kill a Hut by the name of Jabba while making it look like the imperials did it. Our target will be on a sail barge. The Mandos give us a lambda shuttle to take down planet-side and we already have imperial uniforms with the exception of Jang who will be posing as a guide.

Once on the surface we take a speeder out to the barge and are intercepted by skiff full of grenade throwing hillbillies. They nearly take us out with stun grenades and stop their attack after some negotiating. The tow us to the barge since the speeder's lift mechanism is malfunctioning due to the deep desert. Three of us are led to a bar/leisure room while Delora is taken to the Hut since she offered certain 'services'. We're very sure she'll 'butter' him up, har har. After a short while Delora emerges from his chambers with a flushed, angry look and she smells like butter. With the Hut discretely dead we depart without incident and make it back to the ship.

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