Monday, December 5, 2011

Talon Journal Entry for 10-21-11

After fleeing we decide to try a different mission involving an Imperial Space Station. We quickly fall into trouble and have to negotiate our way out of being destroyed. We need a Jedi or Jedi look-a-like so we offer up the Zabrak in cuffs and I plant one of my lightsabers on him. With the trade complete we quickly flee and I mourn the loss of a good lightsaber… They execute him before we make it back inside our ship, like an animal. On our way out from the station we notice a grappling hook and upon further investigation we find the Zabrak corpse attached to the other end. We cut it loose and Delora sends her regards.

We learn that the cost of screwing up the mission is 15,000cr, woohoo. Our employer gives us an opportunity to waive the fees if we can convince a certain person to join the rebellion. Our target's name is Reandda. Intel states that she is retiring from her career in shipping and the best way to approach her would be at her retirement party. We arrive at the station where it will be held the following day. As we're walking down a corridor we discover a suitcase that just seemed to appear out of nowhere containing formal clothing. Kall and I talk with the party planner and after some careful negotiating we're allowed to attend the party.

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