Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Game-a-Week: Star Wars

This is our new series we'll be doing where I cover one of our games from my game list. This series should last roughly a year, longer if I can manage to get more games. I might choose to add more types of games other than just our standard Role Playing games later to extend the life of this section. Feel free to comment on the games and let us know what you think. That way we know what to play next.
First up is our current game, Star Wars.

Star Wars (Space Opera/Fantasy)- Similar to the system used in Dungeons and Dragons. The familiar Star Wars setting. This will include a large sandbox of play with opportunities to help or hinder the rebellion, the empire or both. This game will be epic in scale and will run parallel to the movies with minor interaction. Can be run as D6, D20 revised (3.5ish), or Saga (4thish).
Campaign: Sandbox mode. Lots of extra out of game options for extra experience and character unlocks (new gear and prestige classes). Good chances to be able to pilot spaceships and land vehicles. Plot would roughly follow the movies for events and timeline, but there will be no strong connection. Most of the game will play out as a series of missions based on player choice.

Now, the game has it's ups and downs. I like the simplicity of Saga edition, but the avalible character options in the other editions are much better when it comes to Prestige classes. Often times the prestige classes in Saga edition just seem too specific outside of the core rule book. I would have liked to have seen different types of Jedi like in RCR. They had Jedi Weapon Masters, Jedi Healers, etc. I almost feel like a class system isn't the best for Star Wars, since in Saga the only way to be a good force users at the begining is to start as a Jedi. If you don't take the Jedi class you have to take Force Sensative, Force Training, and Skill Training (usually). That's three feats that are hard to come by as another class. If you want to be a good force user from the start, you have to take Jedi, but then if you're not actually a Jedi you're stuck with lightsaber proficientcy and the lightsaber. In RCR they had the Force Adept for those that didn't want the glow sticks.
So if I were to play again, I love Saga edition, but I would still be torn between Saga and Revised (I own but have never played the D6 game).

Unfortunately all of these are out of print and can get pretty pricey. Fantasy Flight Games will be producing a new edition as well as other games as well. Unfortunately they run a bit steeper in prices but make up for it with quality.

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