Friday, November 25, 2011

The Set Up

After getting through the first five character levels for several of our characters I thought about how I want to continue. The answer is something different than what I normally do. Normally I build a game around a single idea with a single arc. After that game I repeat. This suits me as it allows us to stop and go as needed. Since this game I am promising a full attempt to hit level 20, I am aiming for a movie trilogy approach, split into five level segments.
The first movie is a "discovery" since they're in an era and don't know of all the changes they have made. This will culminate with one of three targets. The first option was given by the Mandalorian Protectorate, which is the destruction of the Executor and Vader.
The second "movie" will focus on planning. The goal here will be determining a course of action and deciding where loyalties lie. Again, there will likely be three targets representing the three major factions at play in here.
The third and final movie will make the fate of the galaxy. There will probably be two bosses to pick from and then a final boss.
Hopefully this method of planning will be fun and easy for me, and exciting for my players. Time will tell.

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