Monday, November 14, 2011

Talon Journal Entry for 8-5-11

We set off on our next mission which is to be the first group to arrive on New Plympto to notify the current Imperial Governor that he is no longer Governor. Our current group consists of myself, Kall, a female Jedi and the Zabrak. We're greeted by Clone Commander Vill of the 501st. Surprisingly, no shots are exchanged between Kall and the commander and we're free to go to the Governor. Our group is stopped outside the government building and only one of us is allowed to enter so we let Kall go. He goes in and is hassled by the receptionist. Kall, with his exceptional negotiation skills offers the receptionist something he cannot resist. After leading him into the bathroom Kall snaps his neck.

Since all of this is taking too long we decide to go in and find Kall. We regroup and confront the Governor who agrees to stand down with no shots fired. After this we report back to Vill who was notified about Kall's murder. He has to answer to the man in charge about his conduct and must wait a day so we decide to stay by Kall's side. The next day we're greeted by Lord Vader himself, he is not pleased. He looks over us and has me escorted to a different room. After a short while I'm brought back before the group. To prove my loyalty to the Empire Vader orders me to kill one of my teammates who are currently on their knees. I refuse and Vader gives the order to execute all of us as he leaves. Just as Kall is about to be blasted point-blank in the head I use the force to push over those troopers, saving his life. I take a few blasts which take me down, the rest of the group is in a similar situation. We're given a second chance to execute one of our own and almost instantaneously Kall and the Zabrak mercilessly blast the female Jedi. Our mission is over and we're let go, still in service of the Empire.

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