Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Talon Journal Entry for 7-15-11

After the incident with the old woman we find ourselves stranded on the remote planet of Dantooine which consists of many small farming communities. So we’re here, without a ship and with very few credits to spare. While my two shipmates are discussing a plan to make money, something about selling oranges (do they even have oranges on Dantooine?) my intuition tells me to leave them and head off on my own for a bit. I meet a Jedi Knight by the name of Falon who agrees to train me. I spend the next few days learning combat stances and spar with Falon. After we're finished I head back into town to check on my two other companions. I make it back and after a few hours of searching find my shipmates in one of the cantinas. We talk about the past few days and they explain that the reason their forearms are bigger is because they were helping out the local farmers. Har har.

Someone comes looking for Falon so to avoid trouble on our end I tell him where to go. A few days later he comes back and introduces himself as X2. He wants us to escort some people off-world so we agree to help since the Imperial presence here is thickening. Without incident we make it aboard an old freighter that has seen better days. During the jump into hyperspace something goes wrong and trashes the ship. We board an escape pod and launch towards the planet not knowing where we are. We crash land in the midst of a thicket of Giant Mushrooms, everyone is alright.

Being lost we wander for a while in search of some form of civilization. At one point we're attacked by a river creature and have to flee. Eventually we end up at an imperial outpost of all places. The CO is cautious and calls in for some backup while having us wait at a safe distance. It's not long before a shuttle arrives and lands behind the command building. There is the sound of battle and we decide to investigate only to find dozens of dead storm troopers. The CO and some troopers come out of the command building to talk with us. They agree to give us passage off-world if we take care of two bounty hunters which they actually hired to begin with.

We set out, find their camp site and right when we're searching it our group is ambushed. A fierce and one-sided battle ensues, eventually leading to our defeat. They agree to spare us but it costs credits and two of our team members are badly injured. We head back and report to the CO that the job has been taken care of. Our group is taken off-world and we're given the choice to work for the empire. Since two of our members are in dire need of medical attention we accept the offer and are now drafted in the imperial navy. Hurah!

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