Monday, November 21, 2011

Talon Journal Entry for 9-16-11

We set out and land on Yavon 4 without trouble and upon exiting the ship we set out for a nearby temple. Shortly we encounter a Sith Apprentice who makes quick work of our group. I try to engage in lightsaber combat and am unable to successfully strike the apprentice. The Zabrak fires lightning from his hand around me only to have it collected by the hands of the apprentice and fired right back at him. My entire group is taken out without any real effort and there I stand without a scratch. The apprentice beckons me to follow so I gather up my unconscious team members and do so.

We arrive at the temple and the apprentice assures me that he will take care of my teammates and treat them with the up most respect. I go in and talk with the Sith Prophet babbles about a prophecy. He offers me gifts and training to become a Sith Master and after careful consideration I accept. I will also have the ability to designate someone as my own apprentice. After a few weeks my training is complete (later on I find out that my team was being tortured the whole time, muaha). Before we set out the Dark Prophet requests that we take him with us and we go Back To The Future! Upon his request we drop the prophet off on Yavon IV, yay for unleashing a great evil upon the universe!

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