Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kal journal 9/21/2011

When we arrived on Aduba-2 all we knew was that we had to find a way to talk to a shipping magnet and to do that we had to get into a private party and we only had twenty four hours to do it. Yup our rough and tumble asses had to get into a posh party. First we needed something to wear. After looking all over the station we came up empty. Then one of our Jedi companions Delora happened to “stumble” across a suitcase on the in the hallway dropped by a careless party guest.

Now it was my turn. I went to talk to the party planner. I posed as a eccentric young person with way too much money who wanted to through a party in the near future. The party planer told me to come back in the morning and she would hopefully have some time to talk to me about it as she was really stressed about the party that she was planning for the next day. So I got a room at a nearby hotel and got some sleep for once.

The next day I returned to the party planer/lady who runs the stations office I did not know that she ran the station until she mentioned it. We talked and I convinced her to take me as her plus one to the party. As we were about to go in my Jedi friend Talon decide that he absolutely had to go to the party to and with a wave of his hand he was on the list. When we entered the party I immediately noticed a slightly rough twi'lek kickin it in the corner. After a while I drifted over to the twi'lek and tried to start a conversation but he seemed to be the most obtuse person I had ever met. About all I could get out of him was that his name was Jang Sabrick and that he worked for the shipping magnet that we were here to recruit.

That's about were we ended it for the night.

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