Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Talon Journal Entry for 8-12-11 & 9-3-11

We're contacted by an Imperial Senator who wants us to investigate where some of the Imperial funds are going, some of the accounts don’t add up. Our destination is Mon Calamari. We arrive after another nice and uneventful trip, we're to investigate a company that is a manufacturer of starship components. After some investigation hear about a Steven D Johnson who is on another station, so we head there. He mentions something about a someone named Tarkin who is making another pick-up at Kashink. Our path runs cold and we learn that the Senator who enlisted our help was executed as part of a terrorist plot. To avoid any more trouble we head back to home base.

Our next mission is to disable a droid factory on a remote planet (Unnamed). We set out and before we're able to enter orbit Kall, the Zabrak and I are engaged by a few droid fighters. A fierce space battle ensues! After nearly perishing in a skirmish against a few wings of droid fighters I arrived planet-side. Calmly I wait several minutes for my subordinates to follow and then Kall lands in what looks like a scrap heap. I breath a sigh of relief and am glad to not be the only one who survived. Then I sense a dark and vile presence as the Zabrak's craft falls out of the sky to initiate a hard crash landing. Immediately it falls apart as the unrefined and eldritch energies of the Sith dissipate upon impact, my lightsaber is drawn. I'm not sure how this dark energy manifested in the Zabrak but I have an oath to uphold and must kill an ally for the greater good. Just as I was preparing to do the deed two men emerged from the forest.

One is a Jedi Master and the other is a Veteran Clone Trooper. They both lead the Zabrak to a cave and seal him in so that he may reflect on his actions and atone some of his evil. Kall goes off with the trooper to deactivate the droid factory and I stay behind to train with the master.

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