Friday, November 18, 2011

Talon Journal Entry for 9-9-11

Several days later Delora arrives planet-side and re-joins our group. Kall and the trooper rejoin us and the Zabrak is let out of the cave. We're given the option to fake our own deaths and defect from the empire, the decision is unanimous and we're free again! Our ships are left as proof of our untimely end and we escape the world on a run down transport. Something goes wrong with the hyper-space jump and everyone black out. After an unknown amount of time we awake to an empty and disabled ship so we decide to use the escape pods.

We crash land on the nearest planet and open the pod doors to a landscape of rolling grass fields where a battle just ended. We see a storm off in the distance and I have an extremely bad feeling about it so we move in the opposite direction. On the way we find a small battle scared pillbox bunker. Kall finds some new/used armor and dons it. We continue on and come upon an abandoned cargo carrier. After checking the logs we discover that we have traveled 3,000 years into the past! Kall figures out the controls and we set a course for Dantooine. After an uneventful trip we arrive in orbit and are boarded by three robed figures, one of them introduces himself as Master Yaun. We get authorization to land at the Enclave and do so. Our group is led to an audience chamber where we're told that our way home lies on Yavon 4.

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