Monday, November 7, 2011

Talon Journal Entry for 7-1-11

We get hired to complete another mission. It's very simple since the only thing we have to do is deliver an old woman to Dantooine. She definitely matches the description of a hag and constantly complains. We take off on what should be a cake walk of a mission and on the first day there is already trouble. Kall and the old bag get into an argument and he threatens to kill her. He decides to lock her in the cargo hold for the duration of the trip. Also during the course of the trip the Zabrak goes through the old woman's belongings and steals. We arrive in system and Dantooine asks for our transponder codes, which is a problem since the ship is stolen so we don’t send them. All the meanwhile the old hag sends out a distress call. Kall confronts her and she cries bloody murder and rape! I go to check out what's going on and their just arguing again so I go back to my room and resume meditating. Kall decides to loot and shove her in an escape pod which he launches.

Since we didn't give out our codes three escorts engage us and after a couple of bad hits we're escorted planet-side. After landing we're met by three armed guards along with the old hag who claims we're rapists. Since I had nothing to do with the whole situation I'm let off with a 100cr fine. Kall successfully blames the whole thing on the Zabrak and we're let off the hook after surrendering our stolen ship.

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