Friday, November 11, 2011

Talon Journal Entry for 7-29-11

The first mission we're given as imperials is to quell a possible uprising on the world Raxus Prime. The group of storm trooper that were stationed there have gone silent. We set out for the outpost and arrive after an uneventful trip. After landing we check in with the CO who is concerned about the patrols he sent out eight hours ago. Since the atmosphere is toxic we have to wear breath masks so our group stocks up on air filters. We head out and come across signs of the other patrol. After getting close to the time limit on our air filters we come across a suspicious debris field. We're ambushed by five combat droids! A fierce battle ensues and both the Zabrak and Kall collapse leaving me no choice but to use every bit of my power. I manage to throw tons upon tons of scrap upon the remaining foes vanquishing them. I carry both of my comrades back to the base and report our findings. The CO will be calling in reinforcements and our first mission is successful. We head back to our home base and are given commendations.

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